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Joe Derrane electrified the world of Irish music back in the late 1940s when as a high school senior he recorded eight solo 78-rpm shellac discs for Boston’s Copley Records on the D/C# two-row button accordion. Through his recordings and performances, this native Bostonian defined the state of the art in Irish-American button accordion playing. But by the late 1950s, Derrane had virtually vanished from America’s Irish music scene. Now, 35 years later, he’s back, thrust into the spotlight again after a reissue of his famous solo 78s and a sensational performance at the Irish Folk Festival (at Wolftrap) which led to concert commitments for Joe in Quebec, Paris, California, and New York.

No one could have anticipated the extraordinary crowd reaction at Wolftrap to Joe’s box playing -- which is Irish button box playing at its pinnacle. The masterly control, the brilliant runs of triplets, the power and precision and incredible lift and heart of his playing -- all these celebrated trademarks of Derrane’s music were amply on display at the festival, and now on his new recording, Give Us Another. Joe Derrane is back -- and in full form. Recorded in October, 1994, with pianist Felix Dolan, Give Us Another updates "state of the art" for the ’90’s! Every cut on this album has that irresistible lift which defines the best Irish music. Derrane’s skill and musicianship are unsurpassed and his turns and ornamentations defy description -- no Irish music collection will be complete without this album!


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