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It is the rare songwriter whose ballads actually pass almost instantaneously into the tradition, and are accepted immediately into other songwriters’ repertoires. Tommy Sands is such a writer -- he has the mind of a philosopher, the wit of a playwright, and the heart of a true world citizen. His songs reflect not only his own experiences but also speak for the human race at large. Better still, all of his songs are fairly laden with elusive "hooks," which are the bane of so many lyricists but which are second nature to Tommy. The songs stick with you from the very first listening, and they become part of your subconscious before you realize it. As if that weren’t enough, on The Heart’s A Wonder, Sands has assembled an all-star, once-in-a-lifetime cast, including Pete Seeger, guitar geniuses Arty McGlynn and Steve Cooney, Altan’s Ciaran Tourish and Dermot Byrne, vocalist Dolores Keane, and many others. Tommy Sands is truly a voice of reason and sanity in an uncertain and ever-changing world, and his songs will reverberate and resound well into future generations.


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