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As songwriters, performers, innovators and founders of the influential Dead Reckoning record label, Kieran Kane and Kevin Welch have made a career of letting the song lead the way. In the process, they midwifed a new genre of American roots music, blazing a trail for other artists to explore and develop. Yet their modus operandi remains the same: to craft and compose with no goal other than to let the song realize itself. In 2003 they joined forces with Fats Kaplin, the renowned multi-instrumentalist and "this generation's Ry Cooder", to create an Americana super group that makes music with roots parameters but in the spontaneity and vibe of a jazz recording. Joined this time around by Kieran's son Lucas, Kane Welch Kaplin picks up where Lost John Dean left off - featuring an entire album of roots music gems from the pens of the original Godfathers of Americana. The groove is tighter, the tunes sparser; they've gone from being a group of accomplished individuals to a solid soulful unit.


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