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Milladoiro, a seven-member Galican super-group from the Northwest region of Spain, has been a mainstay in the Celtic music world since the early 1980s, when the members met at university in Santiago de Compostela and formed their eclectic ensemble. Named for the small piles of stones left by those in the Pilgrimage of St. James in the tenth century, Milladoiro succeeds in combining the intricacy and warmth of the Celtic music tradition with medieval harmonies and virtuosic jazz improvisation in order to create their unparalleled sound, a delight which has been embraced by the world music, film, theater, and documentary communities.

For the band's 25th birthday, Milladoiro put together a best-of compilation album, XXV, 2005. The album spans all of Milladorio's unique turns and takes on Galican music, cataloging their explorations of Medieval, Renaissance, Celtic, and other folk traditions throughout the band's lifetime.

On XXV, special guest and world-class Irish-American fiddler Eileen Ivers makes an appearance, as does American flautist Rhonda Larsson, Italian vocalist Claudia Ferronato and bagpiper Suana Seivane. A 38-page booklet, full of the history of the band, photos, and personal recollections, accompanies the album.


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