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"It’s a musical conversation. We all have stories to tell, and to share them with friends is something we all like to do. We laugh with each other, we feel the joys, the sorrows, the beauty, the pain, the experience of being alive and the experience of being together.”

DUET, from Dave Matthews Band/Bela Fleck and the Flecktones saxophonist Jeff Coffin, and Leftover Salmon/Aquarium Rescue Unit drummer Jeff Sipe, is an extension of these stories and conversations. “Sipe and I have been playing music and touring together for many years in various incarnations of my group and his trio, playing in jam sessions at festivals, as well as talking about music, swapping stories, hanging out at each others homes, and becoming lifelong friends along the way. We share similar views about music and creating, and of allowing the spirit of what we do overtake us and be led by it. For this project, we decided to ‘just play’, record everything, and see what came out the other side of the rabbit hole. No expectations.”

The duo recorded in Brevard, NC at the Brevard Music Center, for nearly three days. They brought in horns, drums, gongs, bells, flutes and whistles, and though they had a few sketches of tunes they worked from, the goal was not to let those ideas be the focus, but rather to have the tunes spring forth from the improvisations.

Says Coffin, “We wanted to experience the ebb and flow of creating musical conversations between two people familiar with each other who like to talk. We hope you enjoy listening to the music as much as we enjoyed playing it.” It’s a conversation worth listening in on.


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