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This album skilfully unites the mature beauty of traditional folk music with an exciting contemporary twist. This up-to-date touch is largely provided by Jim Causley’s vocals, which effortlessly switch from the solemnity of `Drummer Boy for Waterloo’ to the dynamic requirements of `The Jolly Broom Man’. Despite Causley’s considerable presence, the accompanying music - provided by the wonderful Mawkin—is not overshadowed. The honestly unadorned instrumental `Todos Les Bienes Del Mundo’ is definitely one of the stand-out tracks on the album. 

If further proof is needed of their excellence the band was nominated for the BBC Folk Award before their debut even hit the shelves. When listening to the fantastically good `L’Homme Armé’ it’s impossible not to feel that this accolade isn’t deserved. This first album is a magnificently concocted mix of well-balanced yet innovative tracks, a tremendous effort from a remarkable talent.


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