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A product of the recent renaissance in Scottish folk music, Treacherous Orchestra are a new signing to Navigator Records. Already known to many in the folk scene via their occasional festival appearances, they are in many ways the ultimate twelve piece, pan Scottish outfit (with two members from Ireland) and an aggregation that came together in the musical melting pot that is Glasgow, a location where the individual musicians first developed a strong affinity for each other’s playing.

Treacherous Orchestra are John Somerville (Accordian), Ross Ainslie (Pipes and Whistles), Ali Hutton (Pipes and Whistles), Bo Jingham (Flutes and Whistles), Kevin O’Neill (Flutes and Whistles), Adam Sutherland (Fiddle), Innes Watson (Fiddle), Eamonn Coyne (Banjo and Mandolin), Michael Bryan (Guitar), Spad Reid (Guitar), Fraser Stone (Drums and Percussion), Martin O’Neill (Bodhran and Percussion) and Duncan Lyall (Double Bass).


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