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Legendary bassist and five time GRAMMY winner Victor Wooten returns to the Compass Records family via his Vix Records imprint, debuting the label with a simultaneous, two album release, including SWORD AND STONE, an all instrumental affair, with both albums showcasing Wooten’s multi-faceted approach to music, performance and songwriting.

The albums were produced, engineered and mixed by Wooten and feature him on a variety of fretless, electric and acoustic bass guitars, cello, keyboards, percussion and strings, as well as vocals, with plenty of jaw-dropping bass solos to satisfy those who thrive on Wooten’s amazing technical skills.

The dual release concept is a window into Wooten’s unique perspective on music and the interconnectivity between all things and all of us. The word play in the titles of the two albums hints at this underlying message (move the ‘s’ from the end of both WORDS AND TONES and place it in front of each to get SWORD AND STONE.) Wooten elaborates on that theme by including both vocal and instrumental renditions of many of the same songs on the albums, giving the listener at least two ways to experience the compositions. Wooten comments, “There’s something for everyone—music and messages for every age. I wrote about what was on my mind and in my heart. If the listener wants to learn, be entertained, or just casually listen, it’s all available on these two CDs. Just figuring out the significance behind the two titles may be enough to make one smile.”

SWORD AND STONE is a predictably virtuosic set, with instrumental renditions of many of the songs from WORDS AND TONES enhanced by different arrangements, solos, instrumentation and musicians (Ndegeocello, Kibble, Divinity, The Wooten Bros.).


“Wooten has done more than anyone since the late Jaco Pastorious to redefine the possibilities on the electric bass.” —United Press International

“One of the most skillful, inventive bassists on the planet but a heck of a diversified songwriter and bandleader, too.” —All Music Guide

“In many ways,  Wooten picked up where Jaco Pastorius left off when he died in 1982. When Wooten busts out a solo at a concert every jaw in the audience drops to the ground.” —Rolling Stone


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