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Sileas (pronounced Sheelis) is the Celtic world’s number one harp duo. They create a sound which has been described as "virtuosic" with "unusual rhythmic and harmonic intricacy" (The Boston Globe). The dazzling textures of their music and song are further developed here, solid... more


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Scottish Harp duo, Sileas, (pronounced She-less) comprised of Mary MacMaster and Patsy Seddon, remained the only musical companionship of its kind throughout the duet’s decade-long run. Sileas’s unique instrumental combination of a nylon-strung acoustic Celtic harp and a brass-strung electro-harp created a contemporary, lively sound that was complimented by the ladies’ soft, perfectly harmonized vocals.

Sileas debuted with Delighted With Harps (1986), an album that showcased the ladies’ English and Gaelic vocals along with their distinctive style of harping. Beating Harps (1988), acted as a continuation of the first album, and then in 1990, the duet added more electronic enhancement to their sound for Harpbreakers. In 1996, MacMaster and Seddon recorded with Clan Alba, Dick Gaughan’s Scottish band, titled Sail On. Then, six years after Harpbreakers, the duo released Play on Light (1998), with a return to their acoustic sound.

MacMaster and Seddon later joined the Irish band The Poozies, where they are consistently featured as a duet during shows.


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