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New York-native Jerry O’Sullivan is considered by many to be one of America’s foremost uilleann pipers. Famous for both his technical mastery and emotional expression on the pipes, O’Sullivan is also accomplished tin whistle, low whistle, Highland bagpipe and Scottish smallpipe player.

O’Sullivan has performed with everyone from The Boston Pops and James Galway to Dolly Parton and Eileen Ivers, and is featured on Paul Winter’s Grammy-winning album Celtic Solstice (Living Music, 1999).

Featured on over 90 albums as well as on severalfilm soundtracks and television commercials, O’Sullivan has also recorded solo albums including The Invasion (Green Linnet, 1987) The Gift (Seanachie, 1998), and O’Sullivan Meets O’Farrell (Jerry O’Sullivan Music, 2005).

O’Sullivan has toured extensively throughout the US, Europe and has even brought the music of the pipes to Middle East and Asia. O’Sullivan has always been in high demand for the US festival circuit, and continues to be a talented ambassador of the Irish uilleann (elbow) pipes.