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Since they were wed in 1977, vocalist Dolores Keane and multi-instrumentalist John Faulker have recorded three duet albums, toured extensively together, and have since collaborated on several musical projects.

Dolores Keane was born in Co. Galway, Ireland, and was a founding member of the Irish folk group Dé Danann. After she and  Londoner John Faulkner wed, he produced her first solo album and the duo subsequently recorded three duet albums.

John Faulkner got his start as a member of songwriter Ewan MacColl’s band in the 1960s and early 70s. Later, he and Keane founded the band Reel Union.

Together they have performed and toured extensively throughout the world, focusing especially on North America, Europe, the Eastern Asia, and Australia. To date, Faulkner’s discography includes fifteen albums, six of which he produced or co-produced, and two of which are solo albums. Faulkner is also an accomplished film composer and songwriter, and wrote the music for the 1970s BBC children’s television show Bagpuss.