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“A guitar god in the US, Simpson has been blending folk and country blues for four decades. Danny Thompson and Radiohead’s Philip Selway are among his helpers on this tasty mix of trad and original material.” – Q Magazine

“A very different animal to Prodigal Son, but in its own way, equally formidable. He sweeps from down’n’dirty to tender reflection in the blink of an eye.” – MOJO

“Martin Simpson returns with an album that confidently walks a tightrope over the gulf between tradition and contemporary songwriting—this is folk at its finest.” – Sunday Mercury

“His performances elicit powerful emotions and subtle, understated beauty.” – Guitar Player Magazine

English folk singer and guitarist Martin Simpson’s last album Prodigal Son was a universally acclaimed, career high for the five time BBC Folk Award winner. His follow up release True Stories is even better. The album features some of England’s finest musicians including bass legend Danny Thompson, Radiohead drummer Philip Selway, pedal steel legend BJ Cole, Bellowhead frontman Jon Boden and many others. The tracks are evenly split between traditional tunes and Martin’s original compositions. Add this to the superb guitar work and vocals from Simpson and you have yet another exceptional disc from this most celebrated British folk icon.

Like the best musicians, Martin Simpson deploys a control of pace and dynamics to his playing that touches the heart, regardless of whether the listener has a bit of Lincolnshire, Mississippi or Ganges beneath their manicured or careworn nails. Martin’s career has included collaborations on stage and in the studio with Kelly Joe Phelps, Danu, Cara Dillon, David Lindley, Dick Gaughan and David Hidalgo (of Los Lobos). He’s a regular nominee at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and was named Musician Of The Year in both 2002 and 2004 and won both Best Original Song for “Never Any Good” and Best Album for Prodigal Son in 2008.