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“Paddy Keenan has few peers in the world of traditional Irish music.” —Tim O’Brien

“…one of the most exciting players of the last 50 years — in Irish music and in any genre.” —The Rough Guide to Irish Music

“…an impressively varied and highly satisfying program of modern and traditional Irish music that should satisfy traditionalists and modernists equally.”

From the dizzying spirals of the most intricate jigs to the aching wail of a slow aire, the piping of Paddy Keenan is one of Celtic music’s most identifiable and moving sounds. From his role in the ground-breaking Bothy Band to an acclaimed solo career, Keenan remains Ireland’s foremost piper—a disarmingly emotional player capable of greatness in any context. The Long Grazing Acre pairs Keenan with Tommy O’Sullivan, a soulful and empathetic guitarist and vocalist. The collaboration is an ideal one, with each musician reinforcing one another and pushing themselves to new heights. The Long Grazing Acre is testament not only to Keenan’s illustrious past , but to his ever-expanding vision for the continuing growth and regeneration of traditional Irish music.