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Rebecca Frazier Releases New Music Video for “When We Fall”

Rebecca Frazier just released a new music video for her song “When We Fall”!

“When We Fall is my favorite song on this album. The melody came to me in a dream, and I channeled the lyrics without thinking. In that spirit, I am interpreting the song’s meaning along with the listener, and I’ve found that When We Fall has different meanings for everyone. My intention with the video was to give the viewer a similar experience. I know how the video’s themes resonate with me, but they will hopefully resonate with each viewer in many different ways. We created the video using my family’s accessories from the early 1900’s. I wrote down the lyrics while sitting on my great-grandmother’s Victorian pink loveseat, so it is fitting that I’m sitting there for the video. I was thinking about my grandmother, Kitty, as I sat down at her vanity and used my grandmother Elsie’s silver hairbrush and mirror. Thank you for watching and sharing our creative project.” – Rebecca Frazier

Read more and watch the video at Bluegrass Today.

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