Thistle & Shamrock

A Celtic Tale: The Legend of Deirdre (T&S1)
Price: $15.00
New Thistle & Shamrock T-Shirt (T&S10)
Price: $19.50
Pewter Tankard (T&S8)
Price: $20.00
Scotland the Real: Music from Contemporary Caledonia (T&S2)
Price: $15.00
The Best of The Thistle & Shamrock, Vol 1 (T&S3)
Price: $15.00
The NPR Curious Listener's Guide to Celtic Music (T&S4)
Price: $15.00
Various Artists - A Thistle & Shamrock Christmas Ceilidh (T&S5)
Price: $15.00
Wayfaring Strangers (T&S11)
Price: $39.95