The Rights of Man (TB- GL 1111)


 The Rights of Man (GLCD1111)

The Concert for Joseph Doherty

Cherish The Ladies, Green Fields of America and over 50 of the most celebrated names in Irish music came together for a gala concert in February of 1990 to honor Joe Doherty, an Irish citizen imprisoned in the United States. He gained the status of a folk hero in both America and Ireland, and was finally released. This extraordinary concert is a living tribute to a great moment in history.

Artists: Myron Bretholz, Rosalyn Briley, Jean Butler, Treasa Ui Chearbhuill, Jack Coen, Matty Connolly, Seamuc Connolly, Mary Coogan, Brain Conway, Tony DeMarco, Tom Doherty, Maureen Doherty, Felix Dolan, Gabriel Donohue, Father Michael Doyle, Seamus Egan, Siobhan Egan, Bridget Fitzgerald, Donny Golden, Eileen Golden, Cathy Ryan Henry, Linda Hickman, Eileen Ivers, James Keane, Jimmy Keane, Pat Kilbride, Donna Long, Donal Lunny, Joe Madden, Joanie Madden, Bill McComiskey, Mick Moloney, Martin Mulhaire, Brendan Mulvihill, Laura Murphy, Dominick Murray, Barbara Nolan, Robbie O’Connell, Jerry O’Sullivan, Mairead Powell, Mike Rafferty, Paddy Reynolds, Mark Simos, John Whelan, Regan and Linnane Wick, Jesse Winch, Terry Winch