Compass Records Odds & Sods (Intl-OS)


5 Compass CDs for $25 + shipping! While supplies last!

How do we do it? Here’s the story:

While rummaging through some of the darker corners of the office, we discovered a small stash of classic Compass releases, many of which haven’t been available in stores for some time. Smiles lit our faces as we revisited some of these old favorites, from buoyant Brit-pop to propulsive prog-grass. We could easily have held onto this treasure trove ourselves, but after much debate we have decided to share the riches with our loyal listeners.

For only 25 dollars (plus shipping), you will receive 5 CDs of classic Compass music picked from this hitherto unknown deposit of musical riches. Don’t miss your chance to discover some great, rare music at a deep, deep discount!

Due to increased postage (it’s a heavy little box!), international customers need to select this international version. It costs a little bit more, but is well worth it! Also, due to increase in postal rates, an additional $5 charge will be added.