Artist Date City State Country Event/Venue Notes
A.J. Croce 2014-09-24 Ottersum NH NLD Roepaen


A.J. Croce 2014-09-25 The Hague NH NLD Paard Van Troje


John Cowan 2014-09-25 Martinsville VA USA Rives Theater


Justin Currie 2014-09-25 Evanston IL USA SPACE: Society for the Preservation of Art and Culture in Evanston


Larry Stephenson 2014-09-25 Buena Vista VA USA Nothin' Fancy Bluegrass Festival


Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper 2014-09-25 Bean Blossom IN USA Bluegrass Hall of Fame and Uncle Pen Days Festival


David Mayfield 2014-09-25 Chicago IL USA Beat Kitchen


Colin Hay 2014-09-25 Los Angeles CA USA Largo at the Coronet


Beoga 2014-09-26 Grass Valley CA USA KVMR Celtic Festival


Beoga 2014-09-27 Grass Valley CA USA KVMR Celtic Festival


Beoga 2014-09-28 Grass Valley CA USA KVMR Celtic Festival


Justin Currie 2014-09-26 Chicago IL USA Schubas Tavern


A.J. Croce 2014-09-26 Zwolle NH NLD Hedon


John Cowan 2014-09-26 Johnson City TN USA The Downhome

 John Cowan, John McFee & Friends Tour

Special Consensus 2014-09-26 Bonners Ferry ID USA Becker Auditorium at Eureka College
Special Consensus 2014-09-26 Payson AZ USA Longhorn Auditorium
David Mayfield 2014-09-26 Lexington KY USA Cosmic Charlie's


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