Artist Date City State Country Event/Venue Tickets Notes
The HillBenders 05-06-2017 Fairmont MN United States Fairmont Opera House
The Infamous Stringdusters 03-18-2017 St. Joseph MN United States Escher Auditorium
Mike Farris 09-30-2016 Columbia MO United States Stephens Lake Park
The HillBenders 10-01-2016 Riverside MO United States E.H. Young Riverfront Park
Michael Cleveland 07-01-2017 Conway MO United States Starvy Creek Bluegrass Festival
The HillBenders 05-11-2017 Meridan MS United States MSU Riley Center
The HillBenders 03-17-2017 Fredericton NB Canada Fredericton Playhouse
The HillBenders 03-18-2017 Saint John NB Canada Imperial Theatre
Mike Farris 04-22-2017 Wilmington NC United States Thalian Hall
Mountain Heart 04-27-2017 Wilksboro NC United States MerleFest
Mike Farris 04-21-2017 Wake Forest NC United States Wake Forest Renaissance Centre
The HillBenders 02-17-2017 Wingate NC United States The Batte Center
The HillBenders 02-18-2017 Raleigh NC United States Titmus Theatre
The HillBenders 03-30-2017 Washington NC United States Turnage Theater
The HillBenders 03-31-2017 High Point NC United States High Point Theater
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