Artist Date City State Country Event/Venue Notes
A.J. Croce 2014-08-23 Templeton CA USA Castoro Cellars


A.J. Croce 2014-08-27 Oakland CA USA Yoshi's


A.J. Croce 2014-09-06 Sunnyvale CA USA Sunnyvale Theater


A.J. Croce 2014-11-08 Greeley CO USA The Armory


A.J. Croce 2014-09-24 Ottersum NH NLD Roepaen


A.J. Croce 2014-09-25 The Hague NH NLD Paard Van Troje


A.J. Croce 2014-09-26 Zwolle NH NLD Hedon


A.J. Croce 2014-09-27 Amsterdam NH NLD Paradiso


A.J. Croce 2014-09-28 Apeldoorm NH NLD De Gigant


A.J. Croce 2014-09-21 Breda Nr NLD Breda Barst


A.J. Croce 2014-09-02 Seattle WA USA Dimitriou's Jazz Alley