Artist Date City State Country Event/Venue Notes
Mike Farris 2016-05-07 Winchester TN USA International Dogwood Festival
Mike Farris 2016-05-13 Penticton B. CAN Penticton Trade& Convention Centre
Mike Farris 2016-05-15 Penticton B. CAN The Dream Cafe
Mike Farris 2016-05-18 Gainesville GA USA Pearce Auditorium
Mike Farris 2016-05-28 West Sussex En GBR Wiston House
Mike Farris 2016-06-17 Worthington OH USA Natalie's Coal Fired Pizza & LIve Music
Mike Farris 2016-06-18 Catasauqua PA USA Catasauqua Municipal Park
Mike Farris 2016-07-01 Lakeside OH USA The Lakeside Association- Hoover
Mike Farris 2016-07-02 Manheim PA USA The Junction Center
Mike Farris 2016-07-10 Telluride CO USA The Ride Festival
Mike Farris 2016-07-29 Manheim PA USA The Junction Center
Mike Farris 2016-07-30 Pittsburgh PA USA August Wilson Center
Mike Farris 2016-08-06 Edmonton AB CAN Edmonton Folk Music Festival
Mike Farris 2016-08-09 Cedar Lake IN USA Cedar Lake Camp
Mike Farris 2016-08-12 Franklin TN USA Franklin Theatre
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