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The Music Lesson Book:

The paperback version  of legendary bassist Victor L. Wooten’s music philosophy book The Music Lesson. The Music Lesson chronicles the story of a young bass player desperately in need of improving. He awakens one day to find a strange man in his house. This man tells the young bass player that he is his teacher. “Teacher of what?” the student asks. “Nothing,” the strange man replies. This is the start of an interesting and entertaining journey. The student quickly realizes that he is learning much more than Music. He learns, along that way, that as well as helping himself, he is actually helping his Life and the Life of Music in the process.


The Music Lesson Soiundtrack CD (autographed version):

The autographed CD is the companion album to the book The Music Lesson—Includes over 60 minutes of Victor’s virtuosic and genre-defying bass playing as he follows the story of the protagonist student and his mysterious teacher. Featuring: Howard Levy, Bela Fleck, Eric Struthers, Federico Pena, Michael Kott, Steve Bailey, Joseph Wooten, Regi Wooten, Roy Wooten, and Alash.


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