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High-energy dance tunes and stirring vocal harmonies are the trademark of Scotland’s most exciting traditional band, The Tannahill Weavers. Kenny Forsyth continues the Tannie tradition of great highland pipers powering most of the tunes. Forsyth’s piping in tandem with the virtuosic fiddling of John Martin is the white-hot core of an unusual march/jigs medley and a blistering medley of reels. Roy Gullane takes the lead on most vocals, singing with searing conviction. There’s also a delightful lead vocal by bouzouki/keyboard player Les Wilson. And Phil Smillie’s fluid flute playing on the air "The Mermaid’s Song" is a lovely prelude to a pair of strathspeys, followed by a reel featuring all five band members. Add in a beautiful waltz and jig from Galicia, a tantalizing tin whistle duet by Kenny and Phil, and still more superb songs and dance tunes, and you have an album of enormous impact and passion from The Tannahill Weavers -- Scotland’s finest.


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