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The album Galicia No Tempo (Galicia Over the Years) was created for an exhibition of Galician goldwork and sculpture for the San Martín Pinario Monastary in Santiago de Compostela, the band Milladoiro's birthplace and home.

The four tracks are dedicated to the four historical periods recognized in Gaelical culture: The Roots, The Route, The Splendor, and The New Identity. Milladoiro created an acoustic portrait of these eras, utilizing band member's expert knowledge of Medieval and historic music of Gaelica, the Northwest Gaelic region of Spain.

The following Milladoiro members performed period-authentic instrumentation on the record: Michael Canadá (violin, viola, mandola) Nando Casal (gaita, clarinet, cromorno, tin whistle) Xosé A. F. Mendez (flute and piccolo) Moncho García Rei (percussion) Rodrigo Romani (harp, ocarina, brimbao, and cítara) Antón Seonae (zanfona, teclados, accordion) Xosé Vincente Ferreriós (gaita, uillean pipes, oboe, bodhrán).


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