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Featuring Deanna Varagona, Richard Bennett, Lucas Kane with guest appearances by Fats Kaplin and David Olney.

Kieran Kane is an iconic songwriter and performer and one of the founding artists of the Americana movement. On Somewhere Beyond the Roses, his most recent solo effort and follow up to 2002’s Shadows on the Ground, Kane is at the top of his musical game. The stripped down production and unusual instrumentation (including a bass-less quartet held down by Lambchop’s Deanna Varagona), complements Kane’s writing to chilling effect. His ability to create mini-movies within his songs—check out “Anybody’s Game”—prove that Kane is among only a small handful of writers capable of blending traditional roots music with modern themes to create evocative and relevant folk music for the new millenium.


“There’s an understated power in the songs of Kieran Kane, all full of twang and heartache and romance and guys who were born to ramble.” - Associated Press

“A prime showcase for his ability to blend catchy melodies with his simplistic mastery of language.” - Austin Chronicle

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