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An absolute stunner: an impeccably captured concert film featuring Rusby and her all-star band (John McCusker, Andy Cutting, Michael McGoldrick, Ian Carr, and Ewen Vernal), in glorious 5.1 Digital Surround audio, with a wealth of bonus features. Those who long to experience Rusby in concert will not be disappointed, as she leads the listener through her entire catalog with grace and more than a bit of her sly, understated wit.

Additional features include three extensive on-camera interviews, a video diary, rehearsal footage, and several easter eggs (hear Andy Cutting’s infamous avacodo recipe! see home movies of Kate as a wee one!).

Songs include:

Fairest of all Yarrow
I Courted a Sailor
Yorkshire Couple
White Cockade
The Good Man
Who Will Sing Me Lullabies
Cobblers Daughter
Let Me Be
Withered and Died
Sir Eglamore
Canaan’s Land
William & Davy
Underneath the Stars


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