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Looking at his career as a whole, ALBION: AN ANTHOLOGY presents an ideal opportunity to familiarize yourself with the work of Chris Wood. Known as either the renaissance man of British folk or indeed the greatest singer-songwriter (in Britain today), Wood (who also plays fiddle and guitar) has been writing and playing since the early 1980’s. Whether you know him as a soloist, for his work with Andy Cutting, the English Acoustic Collective or his band and trio material, Wood has been a commanding presence on the UK scene for the past decade. The material is frequently emotional—stripped down, shivers-down-spine moments of candid emotion. But the 21-track collection is far from heavy weather—“I Feel A Smile Coming On”, a simple, sparse jig is a pleasure and the traditional “The Colour Of Amber”, which develops into the trad. arr. stalwart “I Wish I Wish”, shows how warm and emotional his work can be. With its crashing beats and Indian influence, “Cold Haily Rainy Night” from Simon Emmerson’s Imagined Village project shows how folk can be updated while staying true to its roots. The groove does not detract from the power of the duet between Wood and Eliza Carthy.



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