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The Edge

A brilliant sonic explosion, grafting electronic textures and modern rhythms onto timeless Gaelic folk songs. A bold, challenging album that proves the infinite possibilities inherent in traditional forms.


"...effortlessly contemporary and transcendentally timeless" ­ -... more



"Alyth McCormack loves singing, and lets you know that with out telling you. You can hear it in her voice. She is from Lewis, sings (but not all exclusively) in Gaelic, and often performs with harp and fiddle - but she's not a folkie. Her musical education and influences are too widespread to sit in that, or any other ghetto. Minimalists like Reich, the sweeping eclecticism of Adams, sophisticated rock, modal jazz and role models like June Tabor or Marta Sebestyen have taken her down a path where she can sing unaccompanied in a Hebridean hall one day and with a metropolitan fusion samba band the next. She is at home on stage and brings to her music - whether with the close harmony vocalists in Shine or full jazz/rock rhythm section in Sunhoney - a still centre"
- Norman Chalmers, The List, August 2003

A voice described as having "spun glass fragility belying a sinewy strength" and as "transcendentally timeless and effortlessly contemporary", it is McCormack's non-complicated conviction with which she communicates with her audiences that ensures she is one of the most exciting singers on the Celtic scene. Her vocal talent and her understanding approach give her an ability to cross over diverse singing styles making her comfortable performing with a variety of artists.

She was born and raised and immersed in the culture of the Island of Lewis of the northwest coast of Scotland. McCormack began performing locally at a young age and then took her talent out on the road. She's toured extensively in various bands and projects throughout Germany, Spain, Italy, Estonia, North America, the UK, Brazil, Ireland, Switzerland, Greece, Austria, Budapest, Norway and Sweden. During this time she recorded with various artists, appearing on 16 albums to date, and in 2000 released her first solo CD An Iomall (The Edge) on Vertical records.

She has appeared at various festivals: Celtic Colours, Celtic Connections, The Edinburgh International Festival, The Lammertree Festival, The Hebridean Celtic Festival and in 2001 performed with her trio as part of "Distilled-Scotland Live in New York." McCormack is currently collecting material for a new solo album which she is hoping to have recorded later this year, and is presently touring mainly with her own band. For further info on McCormakc and what she's up to you can visit her website at

"..a dozen tracks over 42 minutes are enough to convince me that Alyth McCormack is someone worth going out of my way to listen to..."
- The Irish edition, Philadelphia

"Some of Alyth's songs are in Gaelic the language of her native Lewis but her thoughtful arrangements and her subtle, intimate delivery speaks volumes in itself" - Sue Wilson, Songlines

"Traditional Gaelic songs with modern arrangements; some are spare some feature tasteful arrangements that recall a post-era Bjork. No matter what the format her voice is spine tingling." - New York, Time Out

"Recent performances by this young Lewis singer, showcasing material from her debut solo album An Iomall have forcefully endorsed her fast-growing reputation as one or today's most exciting talents in the world of Gaelic song." - The Scotsman


Alyth McCormack is not currently on tour.


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