Peter Rowans Pedigree Shines on The Old School

November 29, 2012

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Peter Rowan’s Bluegrass Pedigree Shines on The Old School
New album set for release in spring 2013 - follows GRAMMY-nominated Legacy
(Nashville, TN) Nov. 29, 2012: Bluegrass legend Peter Rowan is currently in the studio working on his upcoming Compass Records release The Old School. On the new album, Rowan delves further into his bluegrass history with an inter-generational cast of musicians that includes some of the first generation musicians who really know “the old school” as well as younger players considered to be the torchbearers for bluegrass music. Working again with producer Alison Brown, Rowan offers a set of 11 new songs and a rework of “Freedom Riders,” the Civil Rights anthem made popular by Odetta. Featured guests so far include Bobby Osborne on a stunning duet called “Stealing My Time,” Jesse McReynolds on the soon-to-be-classic “Mountain Man’s Dream” and Bryan Sutton on “Doc Watson Morning,” an ode to the late Doc Watson. Other guests to date include the Traveling McCourys, fiddler Michael Cleveland, Jeremy Garrett (Infamous Stringdusters), Chris Henry and the members of the Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band. Rowan will be back in the studio in January to finish recording and mixing. The album is slated for release in spring 2013.

To give fans a sneak peak of the project, Compass Records has released a teaser video which features Rowan with Bobby Osborne and Jesse McReynolds on the album’s title track, as well as members of the Traveling McCourys, Michael Cleveland, Mike Witcher, Chris Henry and members of the Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band. Watch the video here:
Compass Records | 916 19th Ave. S | Nashville, TN 37212


Compass Records Group Announces Marc Dottore as A&R Special Projects

November 28, 2012

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Compass Records Group Announces Marc Dottore
as A&R for Special Projects
(Nashville, TN) Nov 28, 2012: Compass Records Group is excited to welcome veteran artist manager Marc Dottore as A&R for special projects. The new alliance grew out of conversations between Dottore and Compass co-founder Garry West about the need for an intelligent, marketing support-driven distribution solution for established artists whose careers are no longer suited for the major label process but for whom the DIY model is too limiting.
West commented: “There’s great value in the partnership and resources that a good label relationship can offer an artist, foremost among those being to free an artist up to focus on his or her creative talents, leaving the business side to a team with that expertise. We’ve spent the past 18 years as an artist-owned, artist-oriented label, supporting and nurturing creative talent, and in the process have developed the infrastructure and market access that artists need. We’re looking forward to working with Marc to bring those resources to the table in developing some new projects and fostering new artist relationships within a 21st century model.”
Dottore, who will continue to operate his artist management company, echoed these sentiments, explaining that the day’s typical record label deal is out of step with the current state of the industry. "As the middle of the market has collapsed, many artists with a recognizable name and loyal fan base find themselves without a manager or label, often making the same record over and over again. Over my career I have focused on strategies that encourage the artist to challenge their perceptions of themselves and expand their audiences. I have a track record of working with very credible artists and helping them to extend their careers well beyond their expiration date at radio. Teaming up with Compass gives me the team and the tool set to approach select artists outside of the standard model and present them those options. I have known and respected Garry and Alison (Brown, Compass co-founder) for over 10 years. When I started to visualize what I wanted the next phase of my career to look like, Compass was a natural fit."
The new partnership is developing several new projects to launch their relationship including a multi-artist tribute to Hillbilly Central, the legendary music row studio where the Outlaw Movement was born and which is the current home of the Compass Records Group.
Marc Dottore is a music industry veteran with over 30 years in the business. After more than a decade on the road as a lighting designer, production manager and road manager for a diverse group of clients that included George Strait, Eddie Rabbitt, The Gatlin Brothers, multiple retail clients and The White House, Dottore was hired in 1991 by Kathy Mattea to upgrade her live production. Within a few years he was recruited by Bob Titley to join Titley-Spalding which managed Mattea and Brooks & Dunn, remaining with the company for the next 10 years. Since that time he has worked with a select group of independent-minded artists including Kathy Mattea, Marty Stuart and newcomer Sturgill Simpson. Past clients include Shooter Jennings, Jessi Alexander and Cherish the Ladies; Dottore’s work also included a strategic partnership as Director of Artist Management for Universal South Records, which lead to an extended partnership with label co-founder Tim DuBois.
Billboard Magazine has touted Compass Records Group as one of the leading independent labels of the past decade. The label group is home to over 500 releases across the Compass Records, Green Linnet and Mulligan Records imprints with a roster that boasts a variety of artists including Colin Hay, Victor Wooten, Claire Lynch, Altan, Peter Rowan, The Gibson Brothers, BeauSoleil, Catie Curtis and label co-founder Alison Brown.
Compass Records | 916 19th Ave. S | Nashville, TN 37212


Compass Records signs legendary Cajun band BeauSoleil Avec Michael Doucet

November 08, 2012


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Compass Records Signs BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet
Esteemed roots music label welcomes “The best Cajun band in the world”
to their extensive roster
(Nashville, TN) Nov 6, 2012: Nashville-based independent roots music label Compass Records is proud to announce the new signing of GRAMMY award-winning Cajun group BeauSoleil avec Michael Doucet. The relationship grew organically—Doucet first collaborated with Compass Records on the eponymous GRAMMY-nominated Fiddlers 4 album with fellow fiddle powerhouses Darol Anger, Bruce Molsky and cellist Rushad Eggleston in 2002—and, in 2012, he reconnected with Compass co-owners Alison Brown and Garry West while performing at the 2011 National Folk Festival in Nashville. This meeting sparked a conversation between the two parties and, a short time later, the band inked the deal and has begun work on their Compass Records debut album, From Bamako to Carencro, slated for release in early 2013.
The title takes its name from the cultural connection between Bamako, in Mali, West Africa and Louisiana, symbolized in name by the Lafayette, LA suburb of Carencro, but that’s not the only cultural connection at work. “BeauSoleil has brought Cajun/Creole-rooted music to the world since 1975, and Nashville and the land of the bayous have been sharing musicians and songs since the early 1920s. I’m looking forward to expanding and retelling some of these musical occurrences on our new Compass release,” says Doucet. Michael Pillot, BeauSoleil’s manager and the album’s producer adds: "Cajun music’s blend of blues & country music with a profound French influence has seen a steady stream of talent flowing from Louisiana to Nashville beginning in the late 20’s thru today. The likes of Doug Kershaw (Johnny Cash wrote the liner notes for Doug’s debut LP), Jimmy C. Newman, Jo-el Sonnier, D. L. Meynard, Tony Joe White and Lucinda Williams have had very successful associations with various labels from the Nashville community. Our relationship with Compass will continue that time honored tradition.”
BeauSoleil, hailed by Garrison Keillor of NPR’s A Prairie Home Companion as “the best Cajun band in the world,” is the most well known band performing traditional and original folk music from the Cajun culture in Louisiana. And, with flavors of jazz, blues and rock and roll, the band’s cross-genre appeal and instrumental prowess make them a natural fit within the Compass Records’ renowned roster. “Over the years, Compass has tried to be a beacon of quality for roots music of all genres,” comments Compass co-founder Garry West, “As we continue to grow our roster in all directions, we’re delighted to welcome an act of such distinction as BeauSoleil, one of the great modern proponents of Cajun music. The fact that the greatest Cajun band in the world has chosen to align with us is tremendously validating and affirms the value of Compass’ artist-oriented label model."
With international acclaim and ceaseless touring, BeauSoleil represents the pantheon of Cajun music and musicians. The band features Michael Doucet on fiddle and lead vocals, brother David Doucet on guitar and vocals, Billy Ware on percussion Tommy Alesi on drums and Mitchell Reed on bass and fiddle. They have had music featured on the HBO hit series Treme and have an upcoming full band performance during the final season of the show. The band has performed at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival for over the last three decades as well as the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, The Voodoo Festival (where, this year, Doucet was a special guest of Thomas Dolby), and are frequent guests on NPR’s A Prairie Home Companion.
Compass Records has been called “one of the greatest independent labels of the last decade” by Billboard Magazine. The label group is home to diverse artists such as Colin Hay, Altan, Peter Rowan, Victor Wooten and Luka Bloom, and through the acquisition of Green Linnet and Mulligan Records hosts the largest catalog of Celtic music in the world. The company also handles distribution for UK-based folk music label Navigator Records and the iconic Americana imprint Dead Reckoning.
Compass Records | 916 19th Ave. S | Nashville, TN 37212


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