Eamonn Coyne - Russell's House (M00009)


1999 release from the group Russell’s House, featuring the nimble tenor banjo of Eamonn Coyne alongside guitarist/vocalist Sandy Wright, pianist Russell Hunter, and fiddler Simon Bradley. Inklings of the eclectic sense of style and good-natured wit of Eamonn’s solo debut Through the Round Window (Compass 4345) are well on display on this wonderful set.

Track Listing
1. Planxty Davis
2. The Muppet Show Set
3. The Gold Ring & Patsy Geary’s
4. Blue Moon of Kentucky
5. Up Tyrone & Down Armagh Polkas
6. Reevey’s in the Middle
7. Black Russian Blues & Anastasia
8. Off to California
9. The Steampacket Reels
10. Marche de Riossa & The Kitchen Girl
11. Wild Hurricane
12. Um No Sayin’ Jigs
13. The Scottish Set