The Klezmatics & Chava Alberstein - The Well (TB-XENO4052)


When Israeli singer Chava Alberstein produced a documentary film on 20th-century Yiddish poets in 1995 (Too Early to Be Quiet, Too Late to Sing), the writers’ stories provoked Alberstein to set some of their poems to music. The results are gathered on The Well , with vocals by Alberstein and music performed by the Klezmatics. The compositions reflect Alberstein’s wide range of influences, from klezmer and traditional Jewish music to French chanson, German cabaret, American folk, and Middle Eastern styles all popping up.

Track List:

1. The Well
2. I Stand Beneath a Carob Tree
3. Softly Somewhere/At The River
4. One Has Got
5. Crepuscule
6. An Angel Weeps
7. At Night
8. Don’t Waken
9. I’m Going to Take Off My Shoes
10. My Sister Khaye
11. Lonesome
12. Old Age
13. Any Girl Who Takes A Boyfriend
14. The Golden Peacock
15. Farewell