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Sligo-style fiddler Kevin Burke and guitarist Mícheál O’Domhnaill first played together as members of the legendary Bothy Band. After the band broke up, the pair toured the United States and Europe, recording two albums together: Promenade (1979), and Portland (1982).

Both albums were critically acclaimed internationally, and are now considered to be staples in any avid Celtic music-lover’s collection. In the making of their two albums, the fiddle and guitar duo aspired to embody relaxed vitality, which they achieved through their compelling melodies, pulsing Sligo rhythms, intricate variations, and vocal perfection.

For over forty years, Kevin Burke has been considered to be the living master of Sligo-style Irish fiddling. Burke has recorded over twenty albums, taught at countless camps, universities, and summer schools, and has toured extensively all over the world. A founding member of Patrick Street, Planxty, Bothy Band, The Celtic Fiddle Festival, and Open House, Burke is instrumental in keeping the Sligo music tradition alive.

Producer, guitarist, vocalist, and keyboardist Mícheál O’Domhnaill began his musical career as a teenager when he created the band Skara Brae with his sisters Tríona and Maighread. Throughout his short life, O’Domhnaill played, recorded, and toured with Mick Hanley, the Bothy Band, Relativity (a band he founded with Triona and brothers Phil and Johnny Cunningham) and ex-Bothy Band members Kevin Burke and Paddy Glackin.